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Budget Information

The District’s fiscal year begins October 1st of every year through September 30th of the following year. The District’s contracts through a partnership with the State, however, begin July 1st of the start of that contract year through June 30th of the terminating contract year.

The District receives their budget through the Marion County Board of County Commissioners, and the County posts the District’s budgets and amendments on the Marion County Clerk of Courts’ site.

To view the District and Board Supervisor’s financial disclosure reports, visit the Florida Commission of Ethics.

To view the District’s annual financial report, visit the Department of Financial Services.

The Board has the tentative budget for this fiscal year and the actual budgets for the last two years; as well as, the most recent financial audit as follows:

FY- 23-24- Proposed Budget.pdfFY- 21-22 - Actual Budget.pdfFY-20/21-Actual BudgetFY- 21-22- Financial Audit.pdfFY-20/21 Financial Audit

The Marion Soil & Water Conservation District’s revenue comes through donations, fundraising, grants, and FDACS administrative fees, when applicable. The District may also receive interest on their financial account(s) through their bank. In addition, the District sells plat books, soil survey CDs, and Farm of Environmental District signs, but these are a revenue loss, since their production cost is more than they receive in their net sales of these items.