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K-1st Grade: 

  • Winner: Koryn Stevens 
  • School: Romeo
A cardboard model resembling a room with a figure made of colorful paper and blue carpet-like material on the floor.

 2nd-3rd Grade: 

  • First Place: Willow Riley
  • School: Romeo
A colorful high heel shoe covered with a variety of watches and costume jewelry, creating an eclectic and ornate decoration.
  •  Second Place: Hadley Downey
  • School: Dunnellon 
Homemade snake craft from plastic bottles, beads, and jewels in a cardboard box with faux foliage.
  •  Third Place: Skyler Edmonds
  • School: Dunnellon 
A handmade green frog from recycled materials with googly eyes, sitting in a blue box.

4th- 6th Grade: 

  • First Place: Jordan Drillick
  • School: Romeo
A fluffy, cotton-like model with red specks, resembling a fungal culture on a black base.
  • Second Place: Levi Bunch
  • School: Romeo
A piece of wood with googly eyes, a red bow, and a glittery sticker mouth resembling a face.
  •  Third Place: Dillon Davis 
  • School: Dunnellon 
A handcrafted palm tree model made of paper and cardboard on a brown and blue base.