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We are excited to announce the winners of our poster contests! 

 K-1st Grade:                                                                       

  • First Place: Koryn Stevens 
  •  School: Romeo
Child's drawing of a green forest with trees and two blonde figures in dresses, with text "may the forest be with you always."


  • Second Place: Neo Pitts 
  • School: Romeo
Colorful child's drawing with the text "May The Forest Be With You" and animal images.


  •  Third Place: Henry Webb
  •  School: Dunnellon 
Child's drawing of a tree with text "May the forest be with you always."


2nd-3rd Grade: 

  •   First Place: Rowan Pedersen 
  •    School: Dunnellon
Child's drawing of a forest with animals and a message "May the forest be with you always" in speech bubbles.


  • Second Place: Patricia Demonaco
  • School: Dunnellon 
Childlike painting of forest & creatures with "May the Forest be with You Always" and "SAVE the Earth...Do or Do Not There Is NO TRY!"


  •     Third Place: Logan Drillick 
  •     School: Romeo
Child's drawing with trees, animals, a house, and the pun "May The Forest Be With You Always."


4th-6th Grade:

  •  First Place: Lucas Butler 
  • School: Romeo
A colorful triptych of boreal, temperate, and tropical forest drawings with educational captions. "May the forest be with you always."


  • Second Place: Caydence McAuliffe
  • School: Romeo
May contain: advertisement, food, fruit, plant, and produce


  •  Third Place: Asher Campbell
  •   School: Dunnellon 
May contain: art, painting, and mural


10th-12th Grade: 

  • Winner: Julianna Butler 
  •  School: Dunnellon 
May contain: book, comics, publication, fungus, and plant