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July 10, 2023


Marion Soil and Water Conservation District (MSWCD)

Regular Board Meeting

2710 East Silver Springs Boulevard Ocala, FL 34470 

July 10, 20239:30 AM

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals wishing to address the Board will need to sign in. A three-minute time limit will be administered to each of these individuals. PLEASE MUTE ALL PHONES. This agenda acts as a guidance for the structure of the meeting. Thank you.

l. Call to Order

Chairman Vivi Serena called the meeting to order at 9:31 AM.

  •   Roll Call

Vivi Serena, Chairman/Treasurer

Richard McGinley, Vice-Chairman, arrived at 9:44 AM

Lee Black, Secretary

David Shults, Supervisor


  • Absent

Justin Albright, Public Relations


  • Others in Attendance

Tammy Hinkle, FDACS

Vanessa Stephens, FDACS

Ann Bishop, MSWCD Staff

Brigitte Smith, Associate Member


  • Proof of Publication

Star-Banner – On December 17, an email was sent regarding this meeting; a reminder was sent on June 27.

Florida Administrative Weekly – It was posted in the FL Admin Weekly on December 30.

NRCS – On December 17, an email was sent regarding this meeting; a reminder was sent on June 27.

Marion County Board of County Commissioners – On December 17, an email was sent regarding this meeting; a reminder was sent on June 27.


      II.            CONSENT AGENDA

(A motion to approve the items on the consent agenda is to approve items if unanimous consent from last workshop meeting.)


                                i.            MSWCD Board Minutes

                               ii.            MSWCD Board Financial Report

PROPOSED MOTION: Lee Black moved that the MSWCD consent agenda be approved as presented.

David Shults seconded; all were in favor.


    III.            2023-2024 Contests & Scholarship

PROPOSED MOTION: Lee Black moved that the MSWCD approve the 2023-2024 Contests & Scholarship and budget as presented. David Shults seconded; all were in favor.


    IV.            Brown and Brown Insurance

PROPOSED MOTION: Lee Black moved that the MSWCD proceed with Brown and Brown insurance as presented. David Shults seconded; all were in favor.


The insurance proposal was discussed. Vanessa Stephen and Tammy Hinkle stated that the contract will be changed and only one technician will be hired. Vanessa is going to look into the trucks, regarding the ownership of the older truck, how much the District paid for the vehicles, and who the title change needs to be issued to, and will get back to the Board by July 27.    


      V.            NRCS Report


    VI.            FDACS Report

Ann Bishop mentioned that Hillsborough SWCD’s Myke Morris, Area VP, asked for questions to pose to Wilton Simpson. The Board agreed a question needs to be posed regarding the lack of Equine BMPs being addressed. Vanessa Stephen stated that she would be able to inquiry about the District’s concern, but the Board agreed that the question should still be posed. Brigitte Smith stated that Wilton Simpson will be at a meeting here in Marion County on July 17th, and she will get the information to Ann Bishop to disseminate to the Board. A discussion was held on BMP opportunities for Equine and composting. Ann Bishop will reach out to her contact in Kentucky and see if they have any regional programs addressing manure.


Tammy Hinkle will be sending Ann Bishop the close out for cost share and what funds will be allocated for the new fiscal along with the advance balance. 


  • Cost Share


  •  Tech Contract

-           Hiring (Update)

PROPOSED MOTION: Richard McGinley moved that the Board move forward with interviews and close the position. Lee Black seconded; all were in favor.


Vanessa Stephen will work on getting Ann Bishop a copy of the Environmental Specialists positions and their salaries, as well as the questions. She will also work on getting an answer regarding the experience and pay for the District’s Tech in three weeks. Vanessa will also get the questions asked to Ann Bishop and Tammy Hinkle before next week. Ann and Tammy will come up with a set of questions to ask. Ann Bishop, Tammy Hinkle and Vivi Serena will sit on the interview panel. Vivi stated any Monday works for her, except in September, when she will be out, and Tammy agreed that any Monday will work.


  VII.            Staff Report & Recap

  •   Outreach

PROPOSED MOTION: Richard McGinley moved that Ann Bishop can purchased items not to exceed $300 to conduct the Library Events: Edible Aquifers and Pass the Jug. David Shults seconded; all were in favor.


Ann Bishop gave a brief overview of the programs that will be taught. Vivi Serena stated that she will try to make the program tomorrow at Freedom Library, which is 2 PM – 4 PM. The next program is at Sankofa Library on July 20 from 11 AM - 1 PM.            


PROPOSED MOTION: Richard McGinley moved that MSWCD attend the First Central FL Partners for Agricultural Symposium July 27 from 9AM – 3PM in Apopka, FL. Lee Black seconded; all were in favor.  


  •  Miscellaneous

Ann Bishop ordered apparel it should be in by August. Business cards and contact list were distributed. The audit and financial disclosures have been submitted. Alice Bishop may be able to assist in the office this summer as she has done previously.  


ARMA (Association of Record Managers and Administrators) Florida is holding a conference in Orlando on February 21-23.


  • Budget (Update)

The Board reviewed for the budget workshop, which is Thursday, July 13, at 9 AM.


VIII.            Upcoming Events

-           MSWCD Monthly Meeting – July 10

-           Library Event Freedom – July 11

-           Budget Workshop – July 13

-           NACD Summer Meeting – July 15-19

-           FCDEA Monthly Meeting  - July 18

-           IAAP Summit Meeting – July 17-19

-           Library Event Sankofa – July 20

-           Central FL Partners of Ag – July 27

-           BMP Quarterly Meeting  - August 2

-           NACD SE Regional Meeting – August 6-8

-           MSWCD Monthly Meeting – August 14


    IX.            General Public Comments


      X.            Supervisor Comments


    XI.            Meeting Adjournment

-           Our next meeting is August 14, 2023 at 9:30 AM in the Growth Services Building.


-           With no other business needing addressed, Chairman Vivi Serena adjourned the meeting at 10:38 AM, until our next meeting.


MSWCD’s regular meetings are held at 9:30 AM on the 2nd Monday of each month, and their workshops are held the 4th Monday of each month at 9:30 AM, tentatively. Both meetings are located in Growth Services, located at 2710 E. Silver Springs, Ocala, FL 34470. For more information, call (352) 438-2475.