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Journey Through Watersheds 2024

The Soil and Water Conservation District collaborated with Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, Silver Springs State Park, and the Soil and Water Conservation Society for an event focusing on spring conservation. The event featured educational activities, scientific exploration, family STEM adventures, and more. We extend our gratitude to volunteers, partners, and everyone who contributed to the success of this event.

A group of people in matching teal shirts posing on a wooden boardwalk in a forested area.
Two people stand by an informational table with banners in a wooded outdoor area.
Outdoor coloring activity with children and adults at a table with crayons and markers.
Kids at a craft table with papers and crayons in a wooded outdoor setting.
Two individuals at an outdoor Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium information booth with educational materials.
May contain: wood, plant, tree, clothing, shorts, toy, people, person, female, girl, teen, hat, furniture, table, architecture, building, house, housing, porch, accessories, jewelry, necklace, deck, vegetation, glasses, water, waterfront, wristwatch, bag, and handbag
People at a table with various items, possibly at an educational or craft activity outdoors.
May contain: plant, tree, person, clothing, pants, vegetation, face, head, photography, portrait, footwear, shoe, desk, furniture, table, land, nature, outdoors, woodland, wood, knitwear, and sweater
A young person is holding up a drawing of a cat's face, sitting at a table with markers, outdoors surrounded by trees.
A child stands on a deck holding a drawing, with a "Soil and Water Conservation District" banner behind. Trees surround the scene.
Kids drawing at a table with crayons and markers, outdoors on a sunny day.
People gathered around supplies on a sunny day, possibly during an outdoor activity or event.