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We're excited to announce that the Envirothon contest, held on March 21, achieved great success!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated, making it a memorable and impactful event. To all the teams, teachers, and volunteers. Your dedication and passion for environmental education and stewardship are truly commendable. 

Congratulations to all the winners and participants who contributed to making it a outstanding and impactful event. 

A group of happy people posing together outdoors under a shelter.
Group of people outdoors, some holding bags and a trophy, by a lake with Spanish moss-draped trees.
Three individuals with medals and a trophy, standing by a sign "Central Florida Regional Envirothon" near a lake.


Four people on a forest path, surrounded by lush greenery and sunlight filtering through trees.
A group of people engaged in an outdoor activity with scientific equipment on a table, surrounded by trees.
Five people by a lake with certificates, standing behind an "AQUATICS" sign.
Three people stand by a "CURRENT EVENT" sign near a body of water.
A group of six people posing by a "FORESTRY" sign, likely at an outdoor event or competition, with a lake in the background.
Six people posing by a "SOILS" sign near a lake, holding blue bags, likely at an outdoor event or class.
Group of people by a lake with a "WILDLIFE" sign, holding bags and wearing outdoor clothes.